Wisdom Teeth Extraction

All About Wisdom Teeth Removal

It was a long-held popular perception that wisdom teeth should be left alone until they “erupted” or became visible over the gum. Today, however, this is not the case. Dentists and dental patients now recognize the persistent problems both emerged and impacted wisdom teeth can cause, and the majority of people are asked to treat this as early as possible.

Wisdom teeth are the last molars on each side of the jaws. They are also the last teeth to emerge, or erupt, usually when a person is between 16 and 20.

The risks normally associated with wisdom teeth only grow more likely as a patient ages. Teens who wait until infection or inflammation and other problems emerge before they go for treatment are only making it the extraction more prone to side effects. People up to the age of thirty-five are ideally suited to have their wisdom teeth removed without too many hassles; after the age of fifty, the risks multiply because teeth tend to fuse to the jawbone and the extraction of wisdom teeth can threaten the integrity of the jawbones.

Luckily, modern technology provides Cincinnati dentists and oral surgeons with a good view of the situation before beginning any extraction. Nerves, bones, and problematic teeth will all be plainly seen on a standard X-ray, and the patient can be advised of any potential problems.

Why is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth can be a source of pain, and can compress and crowd other teeth. Wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to shift resulting in bite irregularity and associated problems. They can cause sinus problems, irritate the gum tissue and encourage infection. They can cause pockets of decay, which ultimately can damage the bones, and also decrease the efficacy of dentures and orthodontia due to the disturbed alignment of the teeth.

To remove the wisdom teeth, particularly the teeth which have not yet emerged, specific surgical expertise may be required. A trained oral surgeon or dentist is ideally suited to tackle wisdom teeth. Many Cincinnati dental professionals offer a variety of sedation techniques (usually IV sedation) because of the nature of the extraction of wisdom tooth. The wisdom teeth are often removed in one visit.

After the wisdom teeth are extracted, a patient can expect some pain or discomfort normally responsive to pain medication, minor bleeding, puffiness in the face and jaw areas, and temporary (and in rare cases permanent) loss of sensation in the lower jaw due to damage of the inferior alveolar nerve, which provides feeling to the lower lip and chin.

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